1963 Bruce and Janice Gawtry
  1984 Maryanne and David Hammonds
1986 Robin and Bradley Schmitz
1986 Melody and Manuel Chaves
  1993 Linda and Sean Cameron
1996 Steve and Amy Gawtry
1997 Nathan and Jen Spande
1998 Peter and Melissa Spande
1999 Mimi and Mikael Nyholm (exchange student)
  2000 Erik and Ana Gawtry
2001 Mike and Lynne Gawtry
2001 Susan and Rey Cabrera
2001 Joel and Elaine Martins (friend)
2002 Jake and Veronica Sheck  (friend - See also
2003 Mohit/Tania and Rohit/Sunitha Goyal (friend)
2004 Sarah and Douglas Richter
2007 Douglas and Rebecca Gawtry
2008 Miriam and Chris Vakulskas
2010 Karl and Meridith Olson
  2011  Drew and Breann Chaves
2015 Peter and Stephanie Gawtry