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Here are a few links that are just worth putting up:


 - America's Most Wanted


 - Welcome to WUGNET? on the Web!
 - Welcome to CodeGuru - the number one developer site!

A few pages by my relatives:

Randy Gawtry Timewave Technology, Inc.

Douglas Gawtry Doug Gawtry's Facebook Page

Steve Gawtry Steve Gawtry's Facebook Page

Peter Gawtry Peter Gawtry's Facebook Page
Robin Schmitz Robin's Facebook Page
Melody Chaves Melody's Facebook Page
Aaron Schmitz Aaron's MySpace Page
Jon Schmitz Jon's MySpace Page
Emily Schmitz Emily's Facebook Page
  Jessica Schmitz Jessica's Facebook Page

Corporate Sites:

The FTP Site - the best FTP program - FREE! Home
Microsoft Shareware and Utilities
St. Olaf College
St. Olaf College

WinZip Home Page

Useful Sites:

Digi International - Making Device Networking Easy
Digi Support Forum - Supporting the Connect modules

Silicon Labs - Nice little micros

Wikipedia - A true public encyclopedia
Erik's Page - My Wikipedian page.

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